Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 5: Aug 25th

Ran terrible again today. I lost a lot to elkY heads up, then came back, then lost again. ElkY was playing insanely good, he was floating literally every flop, potting the turn almost every hand and making me laydown a bunvh of hands. I kinda wonder if it was actually him I was playing and not someone else, because I have never seen him play this good. I will post some hands below from our heads up match. Random shortstack people kept coming in and playing and it threw me off my game. Too bad stars doesn't have heads up tables. I also played JERRRY heads up and made out good. Here are my stats from today:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 2265 hands and saw flop:
- 198 out of 676 times while in big blind (29%)
- 191 out of 679 times while in small blind (28%)
- 169 out of 910 times in other positions (18%)
- a total of 558 out of 2265 (24%)
Pots won at showdown - 65 of 136 (47%)
Pots won without showdown - 635

It was all from 10/20 shorthanded and just a few 5/10 tables. I am running real bad right now, getting dealt bad cards, not hitting flops, getting cold-decked. I also am playing too many tables at once. Usually in the 10/20 games the tables die and the games get shorthanded, so its hard to play 6 sh tables and 6 full tables at the same time. Other than that, I think I am playing good, obviously making some mistakes, but I think overall its just variance. Here are some hands...
- This is what elky was doing like every hand, I got stubborn here and called to look him up but his style made me fold hands like
- Here is a hand I played against JERRRY. Jerry makes this shove a lot with good hands, I am pretty sure I was beat.
- Standard. - 25/50 hand against strassa, I guess this is why I don't play 25/50
- This the big hand against elky, I am not sure if I like how I played this, but I think he is calling the huge overbet with worse hands because that's how he was playing tonight.

Today's results were terrible and I am wayyyyy off track for my goal. Not sure what I can do right now besides keep playing.

Today: -$11,577.16
Total: $13,368.85
I Need: $213,368.85


JewceyJ said...

thats some sick shit sir... keep gettin em :|

JewceyJ said...

thats some sick shit. keep gettin em tho :|

Jordan said...

Hard to lose that many times with aces. Looks like you just lost alot of big ones today. Bad luck. No doubt that you will be back in the green very quickly.