Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 9: Aug 29th

Today I woke up and playing some 10/20 shorthanded and 5/10. I got stacked almost immediatly, then continued to run bad from there. I decided to stop playing after about an hour and just cut my losses. I am going to go do some stuff non-poker reltated, and maybe take a short break again and come back and play 5/10 on party and stars.

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 297 hands and saw flop:
- 33 out of 79 times while in big blind (41%)
- 17 out of 77 times while in small blind (22%)
- 21 out of 141 times in other positions (14%)
- a total of 71 out of 297 (23%)
Pots won at showdown - 6 of 15 (40%)
Pots won without showdown - 55

I decided to save all my big hands from this session, so here they are:
Hand 1
Hand 2
Hand 3
Hand 4
Hand 5
Hand 6
Hand 7

So besides these hands, I lost money by continuation bets getting raised and stuff like that. I was playing pretty tighter and a little more passive than I have been. I guess I am still running bad, I am going to go for some 5/10 tomorrow.

Today: -$9,562.00
Total: $40,246.85
I Need: $240,246.85


Reddog133 said...

Lee why on your first hand are you not check calling with KQ there? There are numerous missed draws that he can bluff and it doesnt put you in such a tough spot. Does he pay off the 3 barrel on the river with like KJ KT type hands?

Grandiose said...

Bill. You used to be good. Now you play like a huge donkey. I'd say that even Lovedom is better than you. ZappyB is DEFFINITELY better than you. Needless to say Grandiose is your daddy. Props to Rekrul for his anti-bill blog. Bill Ivey should be punished for his self-glorification and overwhelmingly donkeyesque poker play. You coulda been a contender bill. Now you are gonna be broke. Stay in school son.

Wizdom said...

I think what grandiose is saying is you would be more succesful if you went back to your old style of play. From what I've read of the blog you used to be far more disciplined. Yes, you are getting screwed by random generators but some hands such as hand 5 in this blog I know you would have had no problem folding in the past.

fidooodo said...

lee jones u should quit poker u r not too good

fidooodo said...

Bill Ivey jr. i think u should start playin .50/1$ then u should move up back to 5/10 when u have at least a 600k bankroll

Readzie said...

GRANDIOSE! haha long time no see, this is readzie from prima.

hows the HU treatin you? last time we met was the good ole 10/20NL hu table son prima but the action has really died over there since about 1.5 years ago when we used to play 25/50 eh.

How you been sir

Readzie said...

Grandiose, how you been man? This is readzie from prima.

been a long time since we played together, last time was the 10/20nl HU tables on prima.

Since then poor BR management has got the best of me and ive been grinding .10/.20nl 6-8 tables at a time. Pretty lame compared to we used to play 25/50nl together eh.

Krissy said...

grandiose- your a retard

Topher Hall said...

An anti-Bill Ivey blog based on the presumption that Bill Ivey only blogs to glorify himself would be both hypocritical and ironic.

Bill Ivey could take lessons from Rekrul on self-glorification and ego masturbation. That kid's head is so big I'm amazed he can stay standing, and the reason it's grown to such large proportions is people like you. His kiss-ass chorus full of internet-dwelling rejects, who just follow him around on the internet all day sucking his 4-inch cock.

This profession is already stressful enough without greasy little shits like you running around, turning it into some pointless ego-race. So why not go smack chests with somebody who actually wants to play that game?