Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hack Update 2

I got a call from Pay-Pro (which is the company who handles all the money transactions for PartyPoker) and they said "Hello, can I speak with Matthew Smith". I said that there is no Matthew Smith here, but my account recently got hacked and that may be the person who did it. I asked them to give me more information on that person but they said they couldn't give out ANY information, and to call partypoker for any problems. I say and wondered why they called my phone number and ask for Matthew Smith. I know one person named Matt Smith, and I met him recently in Vegas and he is a very well-known, respectable online player. I spoke with him early today and he said PartyPoker froze his account too and he doesn't know why. So maybe the hacker knows both of us, I am not sure, just more confused. Its quite interesting now.... I guess I will just have to wait to get the call from partypoker and see what they come up with.



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emyouexwhy said...

I can see it now Lee Gaines Private Investigator :). This sucks good think I don't have enough money for people to want even to hack me. I know if they did I would seriously be pissed. I hope everything gets worked out man.

See you in turning stone


the good, the bad and the ugly said...

Hopefully you didnt use Samenole's comp. while in the H@llingool house, was the wireless network everyone was on there secure? Check into that.

Good luck bro.

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Kelley said...

Hey Bill, I Just ran into this on the FCP forum, but you might want to check it out? Might not be related but it could be:

straate said...

gl with this bill, and nice playing with u, best of luck! =)