Saturday, September 16, 2006


It's that time again for the World Championship of Online Poker at Pokerstars. Today was the first event ($215 Razz) but I didn't play. I am excited to play in the $530 NLHE tomorrow along with the other sunday tournaments. I will probably play most of the holdem events, but none of the other games. I am excited for the $1k NLHE and the $215 heads up the most.

Today I played a lot of satelites and a few MTTs. I really didn't have good results today. I was upset about my finishes in the $475 satelites to the EPT seats. I got knocked out of both of them on complete coolers. I really want to win a seat to one of the EPT events, so I will continue to give those a shot. I played the $300 on party and got 12th place. I lost a huge pot with 14 left with KK to A6o all in preflop, which would have put me in 2nd place with 13 left. I was very close to getting another huge score, and I think my tournament game is developing a lot lately. Perfect timing too, because the WCOOP is going to be huge this year.

Anyways, I am still playing cash games as well. You can find me playing 2/4, 3/6, and 5/10 on stars or 3/6 and 5/10 on party.



Will Palango said...

hey lee how about a "how I got started post", love the blog

demon102 said...

Lee I read somewhere that u play like 12 games at once how many monitors do u have to do that?

Jordan said...

How's WCOOP going? Obviously no big cashes yet.

Jordan said...

How's WCOOP going? Obviously no big cashes yet.

Grandiose said...

just wanted to remind you that you are a huge donkey.