Sunday, September 24, 2006

Update / Interview

Hey Guys,

The past week or so I have just been playing 3/6nl and 5/10nl on stars and party and losing. Even though I have played maybe 1.5 million hands, it seems like I am right back to where I started. It feels like I can't even beat the 3/6 game on stars (which isn't all that easy, imo.) I think I am really lacking the confidence I need to win big again at higher stakes. It feels like I am trying to play a different style than I usually do. I have been here before though, it just takes some time and hard work to get my game and confidence level back. Today is Sunday, and I didn't play the WCOOP $1kNLHE event today because I just felt like it wouldn't be worth it. Although I did decide to play the 2nd chance $500 tourney that started a few hours later. So today I am just gonna relax and actually try to perform well in this 2nd chance event, hopefully bring some confidence back. I plan on playing about 20,000 hands of 5/10 next week, so we'll see how that goes.

Also, on a side note. I was asked to do an interview for, so you can check that invterview out here. Thanks for reading and please check back for more updates.



Bevey said...

Your going too the BC poker champ.thats tight.. i live here hope too see u come down too van. good place

Fuel55 said...

Look me up when you hit town for the BCPC - I live in Vancouver and will be playing too. Riverrock rules.

POkerLungs said...

Lee, go back and study/replay hand histories from when you were running good. This always helps me. Good Luck.

cc said...


Thanks again for the interview. I'll be pulling for you, just stay focused and analyze your play in this down time. gl


HardcoreBO said...

Yo Lee goodluck this week man. Just relax and play your game. Forget about the past.

Grandiose said...

lee you are a huge donkey. Don't listen to thegrandone and don't win.

Mattastic said...

Good interview Lee, seems like you've got your head screwed on!

Best of luck at the tables, you'll be back at 10/20 in no time!