Sunday, October 29, 2006


Dear Bill Ivey,

Dear PokerStars Player -

Congratulations - you're going to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at the five star Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas! You'll be checking in at the Atlantis on Thursday, January 4th, 2007, and checking out on Thursday, January 11th. Your hotel reservation covers you and one guest.

You will be receiving an email within a few days giving you an external website at which you'll register.

Simply log into that website using the email address that you use at PokerStars and you'll be on your way to the Atlantis.

There are some important notes. Please review this list carefully:

* YOU MUST HAVE A VALID, CURRENT PASSPORT TO ENTER THE BAHAMAS. In previous years, a birth certificate was sufficient - this is no longer true. Please go to our PCA FAQ:

to get more information about this.

* If the name on your PokerStars account does not match the name on your passport, you will not be able to register. Please email us at immediately and get this straightened out.

* You are responsible for your own airline reservations. We have deposited $1,000 in your PokerStars account to help with that. Please start making your reservations. The easiest way to get to the Atlantis is to fly into Nassau (airport code "NAS") and then get a cab (about $25) to the Atlantis on Paradise Island.

* You MUST register at the external website to get your hotel room and tournament seat. Please take care of that as soon as you receive the email. Once you've registered, you'll receive some more important information from our PCA staff.

If you have other questions, please have a look at our PCA FAQ:

We've spent three years crafting it, so you'll find that most of your questions are answered there. But if you have a question that it doesn't answer, please drop us an email at:

and we'll get right back to you.

Start stocking up on sunscreen - we'll see you at the Atlantis in January.

Best regards,
Lee Jones

PokerStars Poker Room Manager


Cool! This was my first shot at a satelite and I won a seat. Its a $12,000 package for one week at Atlantis for a week, and a seat in a huge WPT circuit event. I am very excited and lucky I am getting an oportunity like this.

For now,


subset said...

WOW! Way Cool Man, Way Cool!

bdubs3737 said...

smd winning on ur first try

bdubs3737 said...

smd winning on ur first try

bdubs3737 said...

smd winning on ur first try.


TacoBellGod said...

you know it says you can bring a guest right?? hit me up dude, jk jk

daGrindingReaper said...

Don't forget PokerStars advice: start stocking up on sunscreen!
(just kidding)

Go get'm Lee!

JOSH604 said...

Nice Ticket LEE,..just giving you a comment casue i seen your Post on the discover vancouver forum and gave it a reply,you still thinking about moving to VAncouver,If so check out my reply and get back.

United113 said...

just outside the casino in the atlantis (past nobu) is a watch shop selling, well go and have a look!!!

I asked how much they were... stupid really..

Well you can at least dream unless you have the bankroll of a main event winner..

Bahamas is great, you'll have a brilliant time, make sure you do all the waterways and get to see the manta ray and hammerhead sharks they have at the atlantis!!

Hope you have a good time and best of luck in the tournament

webmaster said...

Hey I played with you in a few qualifiers (Nickname Starfrog). Well done you're a tought player.

I'll see you there I decided to buy in. Best of luck to us both!