Sunday, November 12, 2006


Wow... The past few weeks have been amazing. I recently got back from San Diego, where I went to play in a couple tournaments at Viejas (local indian casino). I bubbled the main event, which was a $300 entry fee, $100k gtd. I wasn't upset though, it was a great tournament in the beginning, but towards the end, the structure made it hard to win unless you got monster hands, or won all your coinflips. People were playing so tight there! I kind of forgot how much $300 cash is to "real people"... They really want to cash, they don't mind folding when they have half their stack in the BB on the bubble. I am used to playing online players who play $300+ tournaments daily, not monthly. Anyways, that was that. The funny thing is that the next day I heard they made a 12-way chop where everyone got $1800!! lol @ these tightwads....

In San Diego, I stayed with online players LURPED and dbelhume in their nice condo. We played a little home game and I actually made more there than in the poker room at the casino. I played a bit online during the trip, and for some reason beck and I decided to each put $500 in and I would play a $1000 heads up sng, and if we won, we would buy tickets to an upcoming suns game. Of course, we won the first match... Then thoughts of courtside seats came into our heads and we decided to play another one, so we could get courtside seats. Luckily, LOvEdom was regged and we won that one too. So now we are basically "freerolling" to a suns game with courtside seats.

When I returned to Tucson from San Diego, I got real hot on UB. I have been playing 10/25nl heads up and shorthanded tables a lot lately with great success* I have also been on stars but not nearly as much. The bad thing about UB is that its hard to get hand histories, and their support team is amongst the worst of all the site, imo. Anyways, I feel very confident in my game right now, I think even more good things are to come!

*great success:

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Jordan Lewis said...

Hey its jordan lewis im friends with ellis i was wondering if i could swap u or some of ur rommates some of my money on full tilt for some money on pokerstars

Have ellis contact mt roomy