Friday, October 20, 2006

Home for the Weekend

I am back in Cottonwood for the weekend to visit my fam and friends. There will probably be very little poker this weekend for me, but it'll be nice to catch a break from the poker world. The last 30 days of poker have been spectacular for me... I have played probably 40k hands at a lot of different limits. I have made a few changes when I start a session. Instead of just hopping into my regular game, I will check other limits on stars and even different sites and just try to find an easy game. I have been playing a lot of heads up cash games on UB. They are a lot of fun when you are winning, but can turn into bankroll busters when you are getting shat on. For example, I have made a couple runs at one 10/25 table, where I would stack a guy 3+ times within 45 mins... Then drop a couple buyins later 20 mins later. It's pretty common to have these swings, so I only play one or two tables at a time to avoid becoming bust0. I have also been trying out limit holdem again at 30/60 shorthanded (I hate full ring limit holdem!). Its been going good... I only logged in about 2k hands, but I plan on playing that game more often, maybe even 50/100 as well. So that's pretty much what has been going on with me in a nutshell. Check back for more updates and thanks for reading.


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Mo171985 said...

Hey Lee,

Congrats on your recent success at cash games again. I am impressed by the way you can analyze your gameplay and learn from your mistakes at such a young age. I wish i could multi table limits like those!