Monday, October 02, 2006

The Online Poker Ban

As most people know, Congress recently passed the Internet Gambling Legislation and the future of online poker is unknown. More recently, news is that partypoker and pokerstars and pulling out of the US market effective in a couple days. So, things are looking grim and it looks like it is the end of online poker as we know it.

As of right now, only one thing is sure. Nobody really knows what will be the future of online poker will be, we just need to wait as see as it unfolds. I really don't know what I am going to do if poker is banned, I have a couple options available (thanks to online poker). Some players I know are already cashing out of partypoker and pokerstars because they are worried something will happen. Its a pretty crazy time right now, all we can do is wait and see what happens.

Here are some links in case you are uninformed of what is going on:

Link 1
Link 2


Riverrun said...

Nice run last night at in the ME. Can you explain your thinking in your bust hand with 67o?

sprstoner said...

vote libertarian man... they care about our rights....

check out the LP
FAQ and the

screw republicans and dems... they all voted for this... im pissed.

Mike said...
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Matt Shafman said...

wait... stars is pulling out of the us market as well?


Bevey said...

Come live in canada !!! haha

Topher Hall said...

PokerStars has not yet made any decision with regard to this legislation.

What they passed wasn't actually the original internet gambling legislation, what they passed was the Port Security Bill. The bill has absolutely nothing to do with internet gambling, it's about providing funding to US ports, but Senator Bill Frist tacked onto the end of this thing a bunch of unrelated crap about transactions between US banks/ccs and off-shore gambling sites.

Of course this passes, because any politician that doesn't vote in favor of the US Port Security Bill will be labeled "unamerican" or "soft on terror" making it a very bad personal career choice for them. It still awaits a signature from Bush, and he will be signing it 100%.

There are many poker sites that are choosing to go on business as usual: Paradise, Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet, etc.

The only major site that's decided to close up shop to the US market if the bill gets signed, is PartyPoker.

PokerStars is as of yet undecided.

In any case I think we should at least have a few months to get everything together before we have to move to Canada.

Grandiose said...

yo bill. When are we playing 50/100 heads up nl??? DONKEYYYYY.

NordicPokerStars said...

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I'd like to see how many of the politicians who have voted on this have played poker online, bet on horses, or bought a lottery ticket.

Mario Contenelli said...

Well PP just stopped buisness with us...