Sunday, June 10, 2007

Event 1: $300+40

Today's event was the $300+40, and there were about 200 entrants. We started with 5000 chips, with 40 minute levels. The blind increments were good, and as usual at Turning Stone, very large antes towards the end. I was placed on good tables most of the day, and I was very pleased with my play.

Blinds were 100/200, and I get KJo on the button. A chronic limper open-limps from MP, and I raise to 800, he calls. The flop comes K73 two diamonds. He check-calls my bet of 1100. The turn is the 3d, putting three diamonds out there. I had a good read on him and was pretty sure he just had a K, but I still didn't bet... I just checked to control the pot size, and I didn't want to get raised on the turn. The river is another 3, and the board shows K7333. He bets 1300, and I have about 8k, so I shove in hopes of him folding a king. He thinks for a couple minutes then calls with 75o.

I won a lot of small pots, and didn't show many hands after that, until we got down to two tables. They were paying top 15, and with 19 left all the shortstacks wanted to work out a deal where they take money out of the prize pool to pay 19th-16th. I didn't want to do this, because at that point I a bit above average, and it would destroy the bubble, so I declined. Some people got pissed at me and just couldn't understand why I didn't want to chop 19-handed.

I got into a large pot against an aggressive young player right after the proposed chop. I had 60k chips and TJo in MP so I raised to 10k (blinds 1500/3000/500ante). Said player (chip leader) smooth calls on the button which set off alarms in my head. Who smooth calls 10k here without a good hand? Maybe him, but I doubt it. Another player called in the big blind who was really short. The pot is at about 35k, and the flop comes J56 (two spades). I take my time, then lead for 15k. The button raises to 60k, BB folds, and I fold. So I lost 25k chips that hand (a little under half my stack).

After that I was pretty much in push/fold mode, and I got in with AKs vs. J9 and lost, and that was that. I finished in 11th for $843.

Decent start for the trip... I am happy with my play and I am very confident going into these upcoming tournaments.

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bdubs3737 said...

Nice cash to start off the trip.

Gl, and if u decide to win one of the tournies, i'd like to suggest taking down that 2500$.