Monday, June 11, 2007

Event 2: $325+40 (With Bounty)

Today I busted after about 3 hours of play.

I think I was a bit reckless in the first half hour because four people weren't even at the table, and there blinds were just sitting there, and I wanted them. We started with 5,000 chips, and I lost about half of them at my first table before it broke. After that the blinds were 75/150, and I had 2500 chips. I hate playing with that stack at these blinds, so I was just trying to find a spot where I could shove over someone's raise, and try to chip up. But I never really got in a good spot, and it just wasn't happening today.

Tomorrow's plan is to start off playing smart and conservative, and I will try not to spew chips early.

I will probably play some cash games later tonight.

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