Saturday, June 16, 2007

Main Event

20th place.

I had a low stack most of the tourney. I doubled up about 3 times, and then got dealt AK all three times and lost a lot of chips by raising and cbet/folding because I missed every flop.

My hand of the tourney was as follows:

Blinds are 150/300/25ante, 5 limpers! I limp on the button with 77, sb folds (lol), and we have 7 people to the flop of AQT two diamonds, and its check around. The turn is a J, and its checked to me on the button. Right now I have about 6k in chips and I didn't think anyone had a king, but I was positive at least somone had two pair, a set, or a flush draw and would call a bet on the turn and fold an unimproved had to a river shove. I bet 1700, and the SB, BB and UTG call. I put UTG on AA, because he limped-reraised UTG with AA about 4 hours ago. The SB and BB were definitely players capable of check-calling the turn with two pair, and they would check-raise the turn with a king. The river is a black 9. The pot is about 9,000. All three of them check, and I pause a few moments and shove for ~4500. SB and BB fold, and UTG says "I played this about as bad as I could have" and folds.

I played the $500 this morning and was about on about the 6th hand with aces against a flopped set that I stacked off to.

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bevey177 said...

Lee im watching you in the sunday right, and your playing great!!! your tourney game has improved so much man props... your picking your spots good..

take it down man good luck bro... regardless of your result nice job:)