Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Event 4: $1000+70

35th place after about 9 hours of play.

I started off pretty good... Got AA when someone else had QQ to get some chips early. Didn't play too many pots for a couple hours and maintained a pretty average stack throughout the tournament. My final hand was against Annette_15: I believe blinds were 200/400/50ante and she opened from MP to 1325. I was next to act and reraised with JJ to 5325, with about 7k behind. I think Annette's range is wide enough to make this an obvious shove. Unfortunately she shoved, I called, and she had AA.

I made two mistakes that cost me some chips. The first a hand when I raised four limpers on the button with AKo, and got one caller. The caller is a guy I played with in the first event who is really aggressive, he sometimes 8x's preflop and bets large amounts on flops. So he calls out of position and leads for 1500 on a flop of 77T two spades. I had about 13k to start the hand, and he had me covered. I raised to 4500 solely because I don't think he is leading here with a hand worthy of calling a raise. Then he shoves and I fold. I really don't like just folding here to his donk lead here because he is so aggressive he could be bluffing, and a smooth call is out of the question.

The other hand I lost some chips with was just a bad read. I called a miniraise from the BB with KTo. The flop came 993 and I checked, and the guy insta-bet the pot (1200) leaving himself about 3500. I can't really explain it, but I totally sensed weakness, and check-raised him all in. I was wrong and he had QQ. Oops.

After I busted from the tourney, I got some food and then went to play the $300 min game (5/10/20 bring in). I sat for about 30 minutes, and I managed to lost about $700. I played about 3 hands, and lost them all. I was playing bad, and just wasn't in the right state of mind for playing since I just played 9 hours in a tournament. So I left quickly, which probably saved me some money.

Tomorrow I have a free day, so I will probably play cash games, or try to find something to do here at Turning Stone.

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good luck Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!