Saturday, April 01, 2006

Day 17 Pt. II

Tournaments: +$253.00

$320 NLHE: -$320.00
$22 180-Man: -$22.00
$55 90-Man: -$22.00
$22 NLHE: -$22.00
$55 NLHE: -$55.00
$0 VIP Silverstar Freeroll: -$0.00
$0 VIP Supernova Freeroll: +$672.00

Please click on each tourney for a link to download my full hand histories for that tournament. Let me know if the links don't work. Right now I am really trying to work on my tourney game and I would appreciate any advice I can get on what I did wrong in these tournaments and how come I only cashed in one (the freeroll).

On another note, I feel like a true winner because I got my first 'Lee Jones comment' when I busted from the Supernova Freeroll. Ever since I have been playing on pokerstars I have wanted Lee Jones to say something to me. I took a screenshot of the magnificent event:

Overall: +$253.00
I Need: $63,884.85
Total Earnings: $36,115.15


Othimua said...

Whats up Bill/Lee? Oth here and I just read you hand history for the $300 and I just had a few thoughts on the final two hands that you played. So..... when you picked up AK and got raised I think you should have folded OR call to hit on the flop and if you didn't then check fold. But really I recommend folding. Reasoning is, the guy that reraised you had a pretty small stack and rather then pushing allin he just puts in 60% of his stack as a raise. Which I think means that he wants to get all his chips in on that hand BUT he does not want to lose your action and he is not trying to push out any action behind him. I see this as he can only have AA, KK, or QQ(less likely). If he has AQ, AJ, or AT which is what you want to be against with AK he would have put as much pressure on you as possible by pounding allin. So basically, I would have folded there and if he had pounded allin I would have called. Then the final hand you entered with 1900 chips which was 6.4 orbits around the table or so. You were second under the gun with 44 and pounded allin. While at the time this may seem like the only option for you I think I would have folded there. First of all because you had to get through 7 players to just win 300 in chips. So you probably get called about half of the time. Secondly because when you do get called, I'd say 40% of the time you are racing for you tourney life and 60% you are praying for a set of 4's. Finally had you folded you still had enough in your stack to steal some blinds when your position on the table is more favorable. Your stack was even big enough to put a little bit of pressure with a reraise from your blinds or something. Basically I think that when you get around 4 or so orbits of the table you have to become desperate but at that stack I would have look for a better opportunity.

Othimua said...

Also, I wouldn't start to steal blinds until there are antes since it isn't worth it until then. It only gets you into trouble.

Othimua said...

Other then that I think you played very solid and just had bad timing. Since you couldn't get any action on the hands you wanted to get action. Like KK twice folded to your raise. That is just timing and you can't do anything about that.

Michael said...

^^^ Great comments -- I agree. Sometimes early in a tourney I say f*k it and slow play KK/AA in early position praying for action...