Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 36

Wild Horse Update:
Today was the $250 NLHE event. I got knocked out right before the first break. I had A5o and pushed my 8BB's into the initial raisor, and he called with A9 and it held. On the bright side, he was one of the "best players" at wild horse, and if you get knocked out by the best players you get to spin a wheel for the prize. I spun and won a Pendelton Blanket! I was checkin the blanket out when I got back to the hotel and its very nice. I consider myself a winner.

I also played 5/10NL ($500 buyin) and made about $400.00. The game is super easy, but it just seems soooooooo slow.

Beck_AA bubbled the $250 event after being forced to shove with any two cards. Marinersheep and Oth, like myself, didn't cash.

I saw Clonie Gowen today and sat by her when she was playing 5/10NL. She was sporting the Full Tilt throwback, and seemed very friendly. Also there was Ellix Powers, aka "He was so mad, he called my with Jack HIGH!". He was just strollin around the casino, never playing... There were a couple other poker players there that I have seen on ESPN but I am not sure of there names. I braught my camera, but the batteries died :(

Tomorrow is the $250 shootout event, which I am not playing, but Marinersheep is. GL.

Cash Games
: +$1,798.70
I played 5/10NL on stars. Up and Down session. I got a few hands for review... Lately I have been playing very loose/aggressive and a lot of shorthanded tables. Also I have been playing HU on stars cash games, which has the reverse blind structure, which I hate. I am playing in the hotel room, and I haven't had much time to play. Tomorrow I am skipping the Shootout Event and Wild Horse so I will probably just kick back and play online.

Tournaments: -$109.00

Hand Histories:

  • The past two night I have played HU matches on cash tables on stars against pretty good/agg players. They started with me grinding them down, then they stack me, then I quit. This isn't a good cycle. I am not sure if I should continue playing them if I have an edge, or quit if I am ahead. Also, the blind structure sucks badly, because you are always out of position.

Overall: +$1,689.70
I Need: $44,276.99
Total Earnings: $55,723.01

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Jordan said...

Very nice hands against soros. Impressive calls there. Keep doing your thing. I have no comments on your heads up. I am sure you will figure out what works best.