Monday, May 15, 2006

Day 54 - Day 61

I have been in the bahamas fo the majority of this time and have been too busy to update my blog every day. I didn't play all these days, but they are days in my challenge so I have to count them in. I really didn't play much during this time, and this doesn't include live poker.

Right now I am in Charlotte, NC and leaving tomorrow evening to go to Turning Stone. I am pretty busy with everything and I am looking forward to getting back home in a week or so, so I can get back to grinding.

Check back for pictures from TS!

Cash Games
/Tournaments: +$1,501.65

Overall: +$1,501.65
I Need: $17,936.26
Total Earnings: $82,063.74

edit: Numbers have been changes since last night's bad session.

1 comment:

Winston said...

Lol... didn't play much but managed to make 6.5k! Not bad for a beach vacation.