Friday, May 19, 2006

Turning Stone Update

Hey Readers,

I am here in New York at the Turning Stone Casino. Right now is about 3:30AM and I just got done losing $1,000.00 in a 1k freezout to Ansky/Supernova9. I had initially challenged him to a freezout in Turning Stone after he two-outted me in the $150 on stars. He played really good and I don't think I really played my best-- Maybe a rematch?? :)

Turning Stone is going pretty good. I have met so many people here which is great. I also got kind of a reality check on how "good" my live game is, and came to the conclusion that I suck at live poker. I need to take some lessons from MrSmokey1, he is my new hero.

I have played the $200 and $300 dollar tournaments and got out pretty early in both. Tomorrow is the $500 tournament and the $1000 tournaments the next day. I plan on playing both.

I will try to keep you guys updated.


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