Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 10

Cash Games: -$5,191.23
5/10NL 6max on what can I say? Is this site rigged? I took some of the worst beats of my life today in this game and I am wondering if I will ever beat it. I mean, the setups I got into today are just unreal. I know variance is a big part of the game and I understand that it happens, but it seems to happen too much in this game. Something about it just makes me mad. Its so fast, and it would be such easy money if I knew what some of these players were thinking and if my hands held up.

Tournaments: -$320.00
I played the $320 MTT on stars today and played very well in my own opinion and just got unlucky a few times, getting in with QQ and losing to A5 all in preflop, then having to shove 6BBs UTG with 33 and ran into 55.

I only played about 1.5 hours today. I won about 2k at the 10/20NL stars game this morning around 2AM, then lost 7k at 5/10NL on UB this evening. Right now I am kind of debating calling it quits on UB. I really want to beat the 5/10 game regularly, but I don't know if its gonna happen. I have been thinking a lot today about taking a break for a while and coming back with a fresh start and well prepared to beat that game. Not only that, but I think a break would give me the opportunity to study more, watch more, take more notes, read more books, reread things, so I will know what to do during any given situation.

For the blogs sake, I really feel negative about this new goal. 200k in 100 days seems impossible right now by my results and mental state. I would need to have a sick run at 10/20 or have a big tournament score, which isn't really that fair, although it would be nice. So right now, I am gonna sleep on it, and try to think of something reasonable tomorrow.

Daily Total: $5,511.23
Goal Total: $5,980.49
I Still Need: $194,019.51


GoHogs21 said...

Just thought I would tell you to stick with it...don't give up on your goals, just b/c there is a possibility you may not make it...I still don't know how an 18-yr old makes 100k in 77 days...thats fuckin got mad props from me, and I really like to watch you play, so just keep dominating like I always see you doing...Late

doubleas said...

I'd recommend you keep the goal if it keeps you running towards your overall goals (more time at the tables, discipline, etc.). If you miss the mark, who cares? You'll probably get close and how does that hurt?

doubleas said...

just stay off my tables please

Kelley said...

In life, we all make goals, the people who really succeed though, are the ones who don't give up. They are the ones who try their best, who figure out the impossible, and even if they don't complete their goal, they never gave up; that my friend, is how people go from good to great.

There will be rough patches in any given point, no one ever said being great was easy, but hell its much better to go down fighting.

P.S: Taking a few days off doesn't equate to giving up =P