Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 1

Cash Games: +$3,737.10
Played about 1500 hands today, 5/10NL on stars and UB (6-max) with a couple tables of 10/20NL on stars. I got pokertracker running from now on, so I can keep more track of the hands I play, make notes, and its easier to go pack and find hands that I can post on my blog.

Tournaments: $57.92
I played 10 tournaments today on stars, party, ub and paradise. Basically only had one good result and that was in the $100+9 rebuy on stars, where I got 15th. I lost a very big pot to Martine23, when he hit a two outter on the river with two tables left. I cashed in a $10+1 on stars. I will be playing a lot more MTTs than last time because I am in a TLB team challenge for the month of June. I have some good teammates and we will win the challenge hands down. I was going to play the super monday on partypoker, but the site crashed or something and they cancelled it... Another reason to add to the list of why I hate that site.

It was brought to my attention that I need some help deep in tournaments when I have a short stack. In the 109 rebuy, I had about 10BBs and it was 8-handed with two tables left. I pushed JTo under the gun, which I felt sick about right after I pressed the raise button. I ran into AA and obviously lost. The thing about tournaments is that I might have been able to get a little rush and come back and win the tournament, but I chose to shove there with JT. Maybe its because I am a cash game player and I got a little impatient, saw a mediocre hand, and decided to gamble. I would probably do this if it was folded to me on the button, but UTG was bad. Oh well... Lesson learned. Its midnight, end of day 1, and I am going to start another session up in a couple hours.

Oh yeah, I was playing a table on stars and I thought there was a glitch because I get dealt AA four times in a row. It was pretty strange so I took a screenshot...

Hand Histories:
    • This hand was with a kind of tricky/aggressive player. I could have folded preflop, but I don't think I should have. I know that he does this play with other hands than AA. On the flop I think a raise pushes him off anything but AA or AK or JJ, so when I call I want him to bluff the turn and river. His turn bet looked super strong, and I knew he wasn't bluffing, I still don't think I can fold here though. River was standard by both of us. Basically I beat AQ here, or a bluff. I think he has AA here 30% of the time, AK 60% of the time, and a bluff 10% of the time.

Daily Total: $3,679.18
Goal Total: $3,679.18
I Still Need: $196,320.82


Molasseshead said...

Tough beat on the AK vs. AA hand. Good luck on your latest goal. Those of us up here in Seattle are watching and learning from you man. Keep it up.

Patrick Mitchell said...

AA 4 times in a row man...the odds of that happening are like 2.3 billion to 1. Was the table furious with you?

Lee Gaines said...

They weren't mad because they didn't know, I didn't go to a showdown either of the hands. I bet they thought something was up when I reraised 4 times.

Kenny said...

Hi Lee, Congrats on achieving your last goal, enjoyed your blog and glad to see you're back for a new challenge.

Has inspired me to do my own $25k challenge and blog it.

Good luck on this one!

Topher Hall said...

If I were in the seat I'd probably have just folded AK to Epipen's preflop trail. It's such a strong play, I'd just look for sets against it and fold everything else.

AK wins a small pot maybe 4 times out of 5 whenever it flops an ace, loses a small pot whenever it misses, and gets stacked any time an ace flops with the other player holding AA. Is that really worth calling a preflop reraise? Or calling an even stronger (in principle) preflop trail?

Am I wrong?

TheCzar19 said...

so that's how you win all this loot gettin AA so much... lucksack lee is my new nickname for you

Martine said...

Good luck with this new goal!

razboynik said...

Hi Lee !
Great blog !

Fuel55 said...

4 pairs of bullets in a row! You are a fawking luckbox dude!!!!