Monday, August 28, 2006

Day 6: Aug 26th

Today started off great. I played the sunday million and the second chance and got 19th in the second chance. I was also playing elky HU and a couple shorthanded tables at 10/20, I was up about $10k before I took a break from playing. I cam back and played elky heads up some more and a couple shorthanded tables and ended up losing $21k in about 45 minutes. This just happened before I started playing. Its getting pretty grim. I am taking some horrendous beats. I lost a $11k pot to elky, like this. Also, elky floating EVERY flop, potting EVERY turn, and calling down with gutshots. I think he is on a huge heater, he is hitting everything. So after I lost that huge pot, things started to get worse, it felt like I was just in a dream, I was just spewing money. I don't know what the plans are now, this is going very very bad.

Today: -$10,564.65
Total: $23,933.50
I Need: $223,933.50


Jordan Lewis said...

do u think u have good EV playing against these guys couldnt u pwn at the 5 10 level playing full handed and playing tight

Peter said...

Hey Bill,

I played with you on stars many times. I want to offer you some advise.

Your playing to high. Forget the 10/20 Heads up stuff. Your bankroll must be around $100K.. and in my opinion thats really not enough to play 10/20 NL HU.

You should move down. Move down to 5/10 NL 6 Max and multi table that.

The play is MUCH different at 5/10 its so much easier to win. And stop playing pokerstars and switch to Party Poker. They have way more games going so you wont be tempted to step into the 25/50 and 10/20 games. The play is worse too.

I would tighten up a bit and keep your VPIP down to no more than 22%.

With your game you can print money at 5/10, Play about 8 tables, when your up about $50K there move to 10/20 on PP. Again stay away from Stars. They dont have enough games going for you to stick with your plan.


MisterMotown. aka Fukken_Eh on party

justafan said...

Lee, it looks like an average day's variance is about 10K for you. When you consider that if you have 3 positvies days in a row you're back on track, things aren't that grim. As long as you believe you still have a edge you're still in good shape.

Jordan said...

I saw the 2nd chance Lee. That was sick shit. KK vs QQ. Eventually elky's luck will run out. Swings like this are bound to happen sometimes and at the level's you play they will be huge like this. Just grind out a session for a profit. Get yourself back on track.

Gambler2k4 said...

hey losing to 11 outs on the river should not be classified as "horrendous."

but it still sucks, keep your head up you'll get the goal..

Fuel55 said...

Why do flopped str8s always end up losing to bigger str8s, flushes or boats? I feel your pain dude.

Day2DayGrind said...

Lee, i'm pretty new to your blog but have been watching you play for a while. n e way . . . i followed you in your 100k in 100 days which was tight . . but i have a question or need some advice. I have been playing poker for around 1 1/2 years now, but always seem to tilt my bank roll in one night. I was thinking of trying like a 1k in 100 days since my bankroll is pretty low. How big of a BR you think I would need ? (would 500 be enough?)and what should i play to try to achieve this ?
i would like to hear from you you can get at me at

PoorUser said...

stay on stars, down bring your game down to partys level
and if elky is running good hes due.

DontLook said...

You did not mention at the begining of this how much money you first sat down at the table with. Did you immediately start winning the first day the first time you sat down? Or did you go back into the bankroll, change tables and gain it all back with interest?