Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Event 3: $500+50

Another long day for me. I finished in 6th place for about $2500.

Here are a couple hands I remember:

Blinds 50/100 - I have $4.8k. I have a tight image and raise 43cc in MP to 300. CO, Button, SB and BB call. (Nobody even cares/notices that I haven't played a hand in 45 minutes). The flop comes 567 two clubs. Its checked to me and I make a bet of 475. Three folds and the BB raises to 1475. I smooth call it and the turn is an ace of diamonds. He bets out enough to put me all in and I obviously call. He flips over K8cc, and I hold!

I was basically below the radar for the next 6 hours. The other hand I remember was huge, and it put me at the final table. I had about 24k in chips and J6o in the SB. Blinds are 800/1600/200ante. A player limps under the gun, another player calls and I complete. BB checks. The flop comes JT4. I wasn't sure what to do here, but I decided to check. BB checks and UTG bets 4200. Other guy folds and its on me. I was really confused here, and for some reason I shoved. He calls with QQ. Turn x, river 6! Extremely lucky there... I didn't deserve that one at all.

My final hand I had QJdd in the SB with about 80k chips. Blinds were 3k/6k/1k ante. The button open raises to 18k, and I shoved and got snap called by KK.

I am tired, but looking forward to tomorrow's televised $1k event.

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snowbank said...

congrats lee and wtf for not letting me know you're on the east coast. swing down to the beach if you want. good luck tomorrow bro